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have you seen...?

CGM8 Celebrity Shoot Challenge

Sausage origami
Do they have a lot of spare time in Japan or something?

The Smurfs - the lost episode (Adult content + you need sound)

David Demaine's Jokepage!
Loads of Essex girl jokes and plenty of dirty jokes and poems

The Queen's dark secret
Apparently the dark secret of the "Queen" has been exposed.

The Royal Stuarts
The Royal Stuarts have taken, stolen is more like it, some of the greatest music of all time and warped it. There are some truely twisted mp3's go to The classic Sheep Hide is one of the Joke File's favourites.

Over 50 and want to share your experiences, gain knowledge from and have fun on the Internet? Try, "The UK's leading interactive community of people aged 50(ish!)".

Loathe American tourists?
Try 'Jo's Completely Factual and Not At All Juvenile Guide for Americans Visiting Britain'

Head Scans
Ever wondered what someone on the other side of the world looks like when they squash their face onto a scanner? Now's your chance to find out - check out some of the weirdos on Headscan

Funny Pictures
Looking for funny pictures? Try
A great collection of funny pictures, daily cartoons, comics, adult comics, dirty cartoons, and funny animations.
Feeling in need of something really foul? Try Some of the jokes are the same as we've got here but there's plenty of other jokes, pictures and cartoons

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