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Viagra Quickies

(most of these are pretty terrible)

Generic Viagra is sold under the name Fix-a-Flat.

New Viagra eye drops make you look hard.

The man spent too much money on Viagra: Now, he's hard up.

Bread with Viagra as an added ingredient is being marketed through a Boston bakery under the name "Pepperidge Firm".

Did you hear about the first death from an overdose of Viagra? A man took twelve pills and his wife died.

...Then there was the man who got his Viagra tablet stuck in his throat and suffered from a stiff neck.

Have you tried the new hot beverage, Viagraccino? One cup and you're up all night.

How many doses of Viagra does it take to change a light bulb? One little tablet, and it's a whole new bulb.

The Viagra computer virus turns your floppy disk into a hard drive.

The Viagra Super virus then sucks all your data off the hard drive.

Viagra is now being compared to Disneyland - a one-hour wait for a 2-minute ride.

Men taking iron supplements are warned that taking Viagra may cause them to spin around and point north.

The difference between Niagara and Viagra? Niagara Falls.

"Micro" and "Soft". Needs Viagra!

Viagra Lite: For people who only want to masturbate

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